Organic Share of Commerce

An estimate of the portion of eCommerce revenue generated organic search from a defined set of keywords captured through organic search Uses publicly available data only Used to track the commercial effectiveness of SEO strategies.

Share of Commerce

While many within the SEO community use a metric known as “share of voice” as a measure for the company’s awareness levels from organic search relative to other companies competing for the same keyword phrases, as eCommerce specialists eZdia’s uses a very different and more powerful metric.

eCommerce companies clearly care more about using organic search optimization to drive new sales volumes than they do about just generating awareness with their efforts. Historically organic traffic sometimes gets a bad rap as delivering more “top of funnel” visitors than “bottom of funnel” traffic like pay-per-click traffic that is often seen as more profitable.

Shifting the organic optimization game from “voice” to “commerce” can have a dramatic impact on how successful eCommerce companies optimize their site for organic search traffic.

Share of voice is calculated using three numbers for a set of keywords: Current rank of each domain, the assumed click-through rate based on those rankings and an estimate of the volume of traffic associated with each keyword. Share of commerce replaces the volume of traffic with the value of any given keyword. By focusing on the commercial value of different keywords, SEO optimization shifts the strategy toward focusing on the keywords that can deliver the strongest financial return instead of simply generating the most potential eyeballs.

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eZdia’s competitive analysis is a deep metric dive into the client’s site as compared to its top competitors. The report is designed to find opportunities through client strengths and competitor weaknesses.

Keyword Competitive

eZdia starts with a family of keywords and analyzes the overall competitiveness of these keywords in order to build hypotheses about what it will take to displace competitor positions.

SEO for eCommerce

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