Return on Content Spend (ROCS)

Metrics drive today’s digital marketing world. As an industry we have better measurement and segmentation tools than we’ve ever had before. And yet traditional SEO techniques lack a precise measure of return on investment (ROI) for organic content strategies.

eZdia’s Return on Content Spend (ROCS) metric is the organic equivalent of the paid search return on ad spend (ROAS) metric. This measure allows us to compare the profitability of different content techniques. This same metric is the key to balancing the total search marketing investment in order to achieve a balanced paid and organic search strategies.

Most people believe that investing in organic results is more profitable and ROCS is the way to precisely measure the ROI.

The ROCS calculation factors the expense of content against its useful lifetime of generating incremental revenue. eZdia can isolate the benefit of content by segmenting the site into test categories and control categories that get no incremental content.

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