Product Images Optimization - Issue 37

Yes, You Can Absolutely Afford Better Product Images

It’s not uncommon to see 6 to 8 product images on a product page even for products as mundane as socks. Producing original photography at scale, can be challenging, requiring an expensive process of bringing the product to the camera or the camera to the product and taking high-resolution photographs with professional lighting from every angle. Creating original photographs and video at scale is difficult, and yet a suite of images is an excellent strategy for converting visits into transactions.

The fastest and cheapest way to expand a product’s imagery is to simply combine the text used as product features with any existing product imagery into a Text Image. These features can be used as callouts (connecting features to the image) or the product can be placed in context using stock photography in the background. This photo-manipulation strategy requires no product movement, no cameras or warehouse space and relatively little creativity. This is also a service easily performed offshore making it the least expensive strategy to make your product presentation instantly more visual.