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What’s the best product content writing strategy?

Solution: SEO Optimized Product Content

eCommerce product content writing is the primary method that eCommerce sites can attract, engage and convince visitors in an effort to turn them into happy customers. The product detail page content is the primary mechanism for building awareness, trust and conversion from a visit into a transaction. Well structured eCommerce product content services deliver product descriptions that build a bridge from the buyer’s product search to the product purchase. Finding the best bridge is the process of designing an eCommerce product page optimization strategy.

Product Page Optimization

Product page optimization begins with keyword research and an understanding of how people search. Keyword optimization requires understanding more than just the average monthly search volume, and needs to go a step further to and target those terms that typically result in a purchase. Search volume and search value are two different factors that are important to build the core strategy for writing product descriptions.

Product Description Writing Services at Scale

eCommerce sites with tens of thousands of products don’t have the resources to implement an effective content strategy. Success requires being able to quickly scale up and down and this is best left to eCommerce content writing professionals.

Many sites outsource some SEO product description writing to service agencies like eZdia that help scale content strategies across the site at a consistently high quality level.   SEO optimized product descriptions use the keywords that buyers use when they are in purchase mode and when search and result match, the eCommerce revenue potential increases as well. While content is a well acknowledged strategy for driving organic search results, this same content strategy will drive paid search improvements as well.

Customized product descriptions, title optimization, and attribute research that are targeted to use the language of buyers will drive all sales. High-quality content that covers a product’s features, its benefits and then addresses common objections to the purchase is the best way to improve a product’s eCommerce conversion rate no matter how that site visitor is acquired.

Many wonder how it’s possible to scale production of product detail page content into thousands of pages in a short period of time without sacrificing quality, but scaling ecommerce product content services is a job that is likely more effective as an outsourced service. Companies like eZdia have perfected the approach to hiring, testing, training and managing an army of professional writers that specialize in eCommerce product description content writing.

Product Content Profitability

Investing in content is certainly not as inexpensive as buying a click in a paid-search campaign but quality content can become an asset that can produce results over a two year horizon or more. Measuring the ROI of content is as an exercise called Return on Content Spend (ROCS). By measuring the increase in revenue from products with optimized product descriptions against those that serve as a control group, it’s possible to measure the portion of growth that’s directly attributable to the eCommerce content on the product page. Multiply this monthly incremental revenue per product across the likely life of the product content and the ROCS estimate typically looks like a number much higher than the traditional paid search ROAS.

Happy Customers

Product page content is the single most important component of closing an eCommerce sale. Content is a site’s opportunity to engage potential customers and create a level of trust that this product will meet the buyer’s requirements. Strong eCommerce content will turn features into specific benefits, remove likely objections and create confidence that the customer has made the right choice and that the site can deliver on its promises.

Creating new happy customers requires building a competitive content strategy and that starts with a small test to measure the potential. Request your free competitive content analysis today and let’s get the conversation started.

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