Businesses of all types are using microblogging to promote their brand, products and services. From the owner of a local corner bakery to the independent clothing retailer located downtown, companies can now quickly, easily and affordably spread the word about their offerings.

Marketing blogs can be found on popular microblogging platforms like Tumblr, Google+, Heello, Instagram, Tout, Vine and so many others. These marketing tools allow companies to operate simple, yet effective, business blogs that get the brand’s message out to a large target audience in a few important sentences, images or quick (6 seconds!) videos.

It is easy and oftentimes free to get started on a business blog by using microblogging platforms. Check out our top 4 tips to make the most of your micro-blogging efforts:

1) Headlines Zingers: Grab the reader’s attention by creating a microblog headline that pulls them into the post. Make it short, focused, and interesting… similar to the style of a newspaper title.

2) Link Up: Include links in your posts to relevant sources, interesting info and your own website. Using trackable links works best, so you can measure which micro-blog works best for you.

3) Optimize: Optimize each blog by doing a little research, include relevant keywords in the headline, body of the post and assigned keywords. Your keywords should be closely relevant to your business, the topic of the post and any products you’d like that post tied to. Using keyword tools to find most relevant terms with the right amount of interest is ideal.

4) Testing Grounds: Test content on your microblogging platform to measure the effectiveness & readability of your created content. Test and measure approach will give your content team immediate reads on the types of content that works best. Use the best performing content in larger campaigns, paid placements and on-site marketing.

No matter which type of microblog you create, always be consistent, professional and sincere with your message, because your blog represents your brand and how current and potential customers view you and your business.

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