Measuring Marketplace Success

Optimizing content for a specific eCommerce site or marketplace requires building a strong set of performance metrics. With close measurement it’s possible to determine the impact of different strategies on driving the overall sales of the product. While the ultimate measure of success is revenue, there are additional metrics that help identify progress and dissect what’s working and what’s not.

It’s always a good idea to compare a content test to a group of products that don’t include any new content strategy. This acts as a control group which is necessary to estimate the incremental benefit of the strategy.

The list below is a set of common marketplace metrics worth tracking.

Marketplace Metrics


Sessions or Page ViewsThe number of times your product is viewed.
Conversion RateThe number of orders divided by the number of sessions or page views.
Buy BoxThe percentage of time that a given seller is the top ranked seller for a given product.
Ranking KeywordsThe number of keywords that are listed within the first page results.
Rank DensityThe number of products ranking for a given brand or seller within the first page results.
Avg. Products RankingThe average rank position for a collection of products that appear within the first page results.
Content ScoreThe amount of content created as compared to the site’s content standards.
Avg. Key Features CountThis measures the bulleted features and presents an average number of features presented for those products ranking within the first page results.
Avg. RatingThis is the average of ratings present on the product page for those products that rank in top 20 positions.
Avg. Reviews CountThe number of total reviews per product.
Review AccelerationThe proportion of reviews written in the past 30 days.

Marketplace Competitive Analysis

eZdia is happy to offer brands and manufacturers a free Marketplace Competitive Analysis. Tell us about your marketplace strategy and we’ll prepare an analysis designed to help you outrank your competitors.