Intelligent Automation for eCommerce

Smarter, Cheaper and Better than Artificial Intelligence for eCommerce

Intelligent automation is the use of systems to make humans more productive. While artificial intelligence and machine learning attempt to replace the role of humans, the truth is today’s technology can’t replace a human being, but it can certainly help.

intelligent automation is the bundle of techniques designed to accelerate business processes faster than ever while not giving up on quality. Retailers, Brands and Marketplaces alike are rapidly expanding their focus on this in order to improve and personalize the shopping experience

AI lacks the creativity and the judgement of a human. Machines need lots of data and do a good job of getting “close” but this is the technique that use humans to Q/A the machines.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA):

eZdia uses systems and people to help eCommerce companies to help train the big data by reviewing search relevancy and categorization evaluating both text and images

Intelligent Automation Services

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