In e-commerce, there are certain factors from the customer’s point of view which influence their purchasing decision. Here’s a look at those concerns that leverage customer buying behavior:

1. Good Product Quality

One of the most important factors influencing consumer buying behavior is the quality of the product and the quality of information about that product. These have a significant impact on the visitors to your website and turn them into potential buyers. Your products must reflect different geographic and regional flavors, speak loud the cultural ethos and fit the trend of the season. Product descriptions, specifications, catalogues and images all influence the customer buying decision process. A convincing and well-crafted representation of the products is sure to fetch better results.

2. Free Shipping Experience

Free Shipping is the second most principal factor in influencing an e-commerce consumer’s purchase decision. Free shipping is an attractive element for frequent online buyers as they save on the cross-border shipping cost to quite an extent.

3. Easy Return Policy

A simple, well-defined return policy is the third most influencing factor in urging customers buy a product. A customer-friendly return policy that’s laid down in clear language is convincing to online consumers. A well-structured return policy in case of faulty goods or mismatched sizes is mandatory for every genre of products, from apparel and household accessories to electronic goods and automobile parts. An easy, no-questions-asked return policy grows a sense of trust among customers for your website or brand.

4. Reviews from Customers

Healthy and positive product reviews from existing customers invite new customers. Appreciating existing customers and positive reviewers with award programs, such as free gifts or discounts on the next purchase, strengthens the bond further. Proactive initiative to resolve the problems of not-so-satisfied customers is also a kind gesture. These loyalty-building gestures encourage a growth in your regular buyer database.

5. Easy Navigation

Most e-commerce websites come with well-defined categories of products. That way, a customer can frame a very good idea of the exact location of the products they are looking for. Incorporating the keywords into the search bar also helps in navigating through the pages and finding the desired products or categories quickly. Accurate keywords create better search results. A well-designed visual sitemap, proper product listing and easy to understand controls like previous/next commands all contribute to simple and easy access, which positively influences customer buying behavior.

6. Hassle-free Checkout

Easy checkout logic is yet another deciding factor. Customers don’t appreciate a complicated checkout procedure. Anticipate their needs and make checkout a simple and logical process. Customers wish to complete the payment within one or two steps through debit/credit cards or net banking. They may need items to be shipped to a different address. They may have discount codes, gift cards or coupons to apply. Once these checkout features are taken care of, customers are more likely to continue with their online shopping.

7. Special Purchase

While shopping online, a customer can opt for several special purchases. Unlike many physical stores, e-commerce services make special categories and special custom sizes available in one destination. Not only this, special deals and special sections also create quite a buzz among customers and convert them into potential buyers.

To have customers coming back for more, e-commerce firms must take care of some factors influencing consumer buying behavior:

  • must make sure that their website is stable and easily accessible
  • must invest in building trust and a strong reputation
  • must focus on maintaining appropriate content volume
  • must focus on security and privacy policies to protect customers
  • must promote their website to increase awareness

In an urge to retain existing customers and draw new customers, e-commerce firms are constantly recognizing and implementing customer-friendly actions. All these efforts are made to influence customer buying behavior and take e-commerce to the next level of prosperity.

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