How eZanalytics Works

How it Works

eZanalytics is designed to make Google Analytics easier to use and is customized for the needs of eCommerce teams. While Google Analytics is a URL-centric application, eZanalytics is a product-centric application and builds a product database designed to answer the most important questions in order to optimize the acquisition, engagement and conversion on an eCommerce site.

Step One: Your Taxonomy

Virtually all eCommerce sites today use a taxonomy and most sites have developed a unique product organization. eZanalytics starts by crawling the client’s website to understand the relationship of products to categories and build a full understanding of the site’s complete breadcrumb organization. It doesn’t matter how complex the site might be, eZanalytics attempts to discover how the site is organized in order to deliver analytics the same way the site is organized.

Step Two: Google Analytics

Google Analytics is very powerful and very fast, but if you want product-level details it presents a number of significant challenges. In order to keep Google Analytics moving fast it can automatically move into sample mode. This happens, when in the interest of speed, GA presents a subset of the total pages for a given query. Of course if you are trying to build a page-level database, sample data just won’t do. The bad news is that it can initially take a few days to grab data for every product and acquire enough historical data to provide the trending data within eZanalytics.

Step Three: Refresh

In addition to extracting updated data out of GA, eZanalytics also updates the taxonomy by periodically re-crawling the client’s website looking for new products and structural updates.

Step Four: Report Building

In order to achieve this level of speed, every report and every graphic must be pre-built for every product on the site. In this way the result is virtually instantaneous and doesn’t require the need to directly query the database.

Step Five: Security

Analytics, and especially sales analytics, is some of the most sensitive data that a company has and it’s important that these data are fully protected. eZanalytics uses Google’s own security systems to ensure that every individual user is authorized to access the data. Unless the user successfully logs into the Google platform, the data becomes unavailable. eZdia partners with AWS to provide the ultimate in both data performance and protection. eZdia spells out all of its data safeguards within its privacy policy. eZdia also commits to fully deleting all client data within 90 days of any termination in our relationship.

Step Six: Humans

To be clear, eZanalytics is an automated process that doesn’t require humans to deliver up to date insight into your platform. But there is only so much that a software platform can accomplish. eZdia tries to bring some good old fashion smarts to the relationship. We can do everything from help educate its our clients on how to optimize their site using eZanalytics data to, helping clients scale their optimization strategies to being accountable for specific customer requests. And that’s why throughout the product we make it easy to Talk to an Expert

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