AI Data Labeling & Annotation Services

Successful machine learning models are built on the shoulders of large volumes of high-quality training data. But, the process to create the training data necessary to build these models is often expensive, complicated, and time-consuming.

eZdia offers simple access to human labelers to make high-quality annotations to significantly lower labeling costs and production time. Whether it’s a simple labeling task or a unique requirement, eZdia’s experienced project management team will leverage pre-built or create custom intelligent automation workflows and interfaces for labeling tasks.

eZdia’s procedures can easily be ingrained into current ML product development processes, which will lead to a competitive advantage over your competitors.


Well-trained labelers and a quality focused active learning process


Timely results with high throughput

Cost Effective:

Less time wasted on data preparation

Uses cases include, search relevance, voice assistants, product image recognition, product recommendations, fraud detection, customer service call analysis, and many more.

Humans are simply better than computers at understanding intent, managing subjectivity and coping with ambiguity – all of which are important factors of data labeling.

What We Do

Crewmachine is a API-enabled, human-in-the-loop service to provide annotations to your unlabeled data for ML projects.

Your focus should remain on feature engineering when deploying ML models and not on time spent cleaning raw data. With Crewmachine distributed worldwide workforce, you can reduce bias and variance in your model output, at a lower cost. Crewmachine can easily integrate into existing workflows, in order to clean or supplement data, so you can have a foundation on which to train and retrain your machine learning algorithms.

Data Labeling Services

Product Classification
for Search Relevancy

Improve your search algorithms with Crewmachine. The shoppers expect accurate results and a seamless search experience. Training your algorithms to perform the way humans think is not easy. This task often requiresa human to label and annotate the product attributes for the algorithm to notice

Intent Recognition
for NLP Applications

Identify intent and entities with Crewmachine. If you’re building a Chatbot, you are probably leveraging a Natural Language Processing toolkit to get intents and entities from utterances. Unfortunately, not all NLP toolkits understand specific utterances specifically for your customers.

Image Annotation for
Computer Vision

Annotate your raw image data with Crewmachine. To develop accurate computer vision models you need a lot of high-quality labeled data. Crewmachine provides best-in-class human-in-the-loop data annotation services and integration to organize scalable labeling process.

Data Annotation Services

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