Customized eCommerce Marketplace Content

Drive up eCommerce sales with content optimized to the Marketplace

Succeeding on sites like Amazon, Walmart and Target requires much more than a “one-size-fits-all” approach to product content. Every site is optimized slightly differently and content customization techniques deliver numerous benefits.


Optimizing content to the most popular search phrases will make any given product more visible on the site.


Content that is more visible and better connected to the site’s search algorithm should increase eCommerce sales.


Brands that sell on multiple eCommerce sites and marketplaces have an opportunity to expand their organic search relevance by using a broader set of keyword phrases.

Search Friendly

Every eCommerce site has a slightly different set of content guidelines and to maximize revenue it’s important to make sure that the product content is customized to the site’s requirements.

Customized Marketplace Content Techniques

Marketplace Competitive Analysis

eZdia is happy to offer brands and manufacturers a free Marketplace Competitive Analysis. Tell us about your marketplace strategy and we’ll prepare an analysis designed to help you outrank your competitors.