Content Strategies - Issue 40

What’s Your Content Strategy?

It’s true that every site is a little different and no one content strategy is appropriate for every site, but eCommerce sites should always build a content strategy that accomplishes three equally important objectives: attract, engage and convert.

  • Attract. Rich content that addresses what customers are looking for helps fuel both paid and organic search strategies. On the paid side, well matched content can lower the bid required to get the click and on the organic side it’s the primary way of driving free traffic to the site. Search is the primary way a purchase journey starts and thus eCommerce sites need to first attract visitors.
  • Engage. Don’t skip this objective. Engagement may be the single most important step to attract more visitors. Engagement is the measure that Google and other search engines use to incorporate user data to perfect results. Even the weakest sites can rise to the top of searches if they are good at holding a site visitor’s attention.
  • Convert. Finally, in the world of eCommerce, it doesn’t count if the traffic doesn’t ultimately convert and addressing the fact that visitors need to understand and trust that they will get the value out of the product that they expect or desire.