Content Creation & Scaling Strategies

For companies with defined content strategies, eZdia delivers a fully managed service designed to scale the content creation process to the client’s style guide and creative requirements. eZdia’s CrewMachine platform delivers consistent high-quality content at a price well below the cost of in-house content and that performs better than manufacturer content.

Here’s What’s Included

  • Fully managed content scaling services
  • Dedicated project manager with full Q/A accountability
  • A la carte services
eCommerce Page Prioritization
eCommerce Keyword Research
eCommerce Search Relevancy
eCommerce Data Annotation
eCommerce Category Page Content
eCommerce Product Page Content
eCommerce Conversion Rate Optimization
eCommerce SEO Technical Audit
eCommerce Content Strategy

Professional eCommerce Content

Professional eCommerce Content

Reporting and content workflow management software

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