Content Myths - Issue 43

The Biggest Myths About Product Content For eCommerce

There is often a dividing line within Marketing departments when it comes to investing in content. Quite literally the content is the connecting point to the customer and the quality of this interaction relates directly to any site’s ability to attract, engage and ultimately convert a browser into a buyer.

Here are the most common reasons we hear about why they don’t invest in content.

  1. Myth #1: It’s too expensive. Content certainly costs more than buying a single ad click, but instead of an advertising expense, content should be seen as a marketing asset that matures over time. Yes, it’s more expensive but it’s ability to attract, engage and convert clients better than today’s presentation is a return that lives as long as the product lives.
  2. Myth #2: It’s not measurable. eCommerce sites have more insight and data about how to acquire customers than ever before and few are making old-school “gut decisions” about what works and what doesn’t. As sites measure the benefit, over the past 8 years, we’ve seen content budgets grow and that’s only because it’s driving a strong return on content spend.
  3. Myth #3: It’s not scalable. Technically it’s not that hard to scale content creation, but it’s hard to do scale while managing to a “consistent quality standard.” Scaling content resources up and down is certainly not as easy as some tasks, but it’s a challenge that is easily solved with strong process management.