High Quality Competitive Content Writing

Most people think today’s SEO is all about fixing the HTML to make sure that Google can see your site. Technical SEO today, is just a ticket to the show and doesn’t guarantee you a seat in the first 10 rows. Google has been clear that they are connecting searchers to the best result for any given query. Competitive content is what it takes to drive better results.

eZdia’s begins by understanding the content strategies of our clients’ search competitors. For eZdia’s clients to win, someone has to lose. Competitive content is the art of identifying competitor weakness and figuring out how to exploit that.

Competitive Elements:

Word Depth

The word count has steadily grown over the years for the most popular terms. Today page one results can top 5,000 words for some competitive phrases.

Keyword Breadth

The stronger the site the more opportunity they have to optimize a page for a broad set of keywords while weaker sites may focus more narrowly.

Keyword Density

This is the ratio of target keywords to overall content depth with the goal of content that is neither too high nor too low.

Competitive Content Gaps

eZdia ingests a site’s existing content and then identifies between a site’s existing content and keyword opportunities currently occupied by weaker sites.

Competitive Content Monitoring

Competition is not static and sites that lose rank frequently go back and add content. Tracking changes in competitors’ content strategy is an important trigger for staying on top.

eZdia offers eCommerce sites a free Competitive Analysis as a first step to understanding the competitive content landscape.