Use Cases

Migrating a large product catalog to a new PIM is an extremely challenging situation under regular circumstances, but adding all the product clean-up, re-categorization, missing and incomplete data just made it too much of a mess and we needed help before importing to our new system. Not only did eZdia come through for us, but they beat an aggressive timeline to do it.

JasonHowie, CVS Merchandising Operations
  • 11 Years as a Certified Walmart Solution Partner
  • Over 1 Million pages optimized directly for Walmart SEO Team
  • Over 300 1P/3P Sellers/Brands using the Sales Optimization platform
  • WFS & Walmart Connect Partners
  • Complete Walmart sales strategy, support and services
  • Amazon migration specialists (bring your success to Walmart)


  • Key partner building and growing the Walmart Marketplace
  • Key partner migrating hundreds of
    Amazon sellers to Walmart
  • 11 Years as direct Amazon project partners
    • Across 20 languages
    • Search landing page QA, auditing & annotation
    • Product Catalog categorization, auditing
  • Brand/Seller consulting, set-up & sales optimization
  • Product content, A+, buying guide production


  • Key partner in helping Amazon win
    over 50% of all product search
  • eZdia crowdsourcing provided
    project scalability equal to
    Amazon’s global objectives
  • Cleaned, Optimized and Migrated the CVS Product Catalog from ATG to Stibo
  • Strategic consulting for SEO, Search product, PDP Style Guidelines, Image Production
  • Spanish language style guide creation & PDP item set-up
  • Content health scorecarding & compliance reporting


  • Increased site searchability, traffic
    and sales
  • Cut catalog migration from 12 to 6
  • Created internal content scorecarding system to identify product content gaps & opportunities

eZdia’s AI Optimizer is a fast, inexpensive & accurate game

changer that improves your ability to attract,

engage, and convert visitors into customers profitably.



Data Driven Page Updates

  • Auditing, collecting and building rich product attributes
  • Generating rich, channel-specific product listings
  • Monitoring, alerting & reporting for channel compliance & performance
  • Automatically updating your pages for seasonality, events, campaigns & more

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Case Studies


RenoRun was looking to build a new shopping experience geared towards the localized needs of contractors and home renovators. Its customers want to order quickly and easily, make their purchases with confidence, and get them delivered to construction sites on time and on budget. As such, RenoRun needed to revamp its website to support localized search and provide an improved, comprehensive shopping experience to its target audience.
Paid Search Profitability Techniques
The ROI of SEO Organic Content

Attribute Verification and Identification

With the recent surge in re-commerce, resale companies are finding themselves in a much more competitive market. FASHIONPHILE, the online ultraluxury recommerce site, where consumers can buy and sell women’s luxury designer used handbags, accessories and jewelry, wished to improve the shopper experience by organizing the site taxonomy around product attributes and colors. With newly optimized search listings, FASHIONPHILE customers have increased their average time on site, site conversions while improving the overall customer experience.

Paid Search Profitability Techniques

eCommerce Conversion Rates Spike by Adding One Element

The paid search landscape has changed a lot in the past year. While the pandemic helped to accelerate eCommerce growth, sites have reacted by increasing their digital marketing budgets. While eCommerce sales accelerate, digital marketing budgets appear to be growing at twice the growth of sales.

Paid Search Profitability Techniques
The ROI of SEO Organic Content

 The ROI of SEO Organic Content

eZdia conducted a controlled organic content test with a large and mature eCommerce site. The site generates about 1 million visits and about 25 thousand orders every week. The test rewrote the content for about 300 pages and then measured the incremental return on content spend (ROCS). The hypothesis was that keyword rich content designed to attract, engage and convert visitors would generate a higher ROI than other acquisition channels like Paid Search.

 Generating A Higher ROAS
With Conversion Content

Paid search is more than just a bidding strategy. Maximizing return on ad spend (ROAS) requires optimizing two important ratios: average order value and the conversion rate. In early 2020 eZdia worked with a midwest healthcare eCommerce site and conducted a side-by-side paid search test with the goal of trying to drive up the conversion rate and ROAS by adding compelling product content to the page.
Generating a Higher ROAS