Solve the ROAS Problems

Return on ad spend (ROAS) measures the revenue generated from pay-per-click campaigns. Digital marketing budgets are growing faster than the profitable searches are growing. This imbalance in supply and demand is driving up the cost (CPC) and that is putting enormous pressure on paid search profitability.

Traditionally marketing teams use SEO for the top of the sales funnel and SEM for the bottom of the sales funnel. eZdia’s logic is a little different.

eZdia Search Principle

Free is better than paid
A search asset is better than a search expense

eZdia uses paid search data and organic content techniques to cannibalize the client’s paid search successes. Paid search data directly connects keywords and pages to orders and revenue.

The benefits of organic content on paid search campaigns extend well beyond growing the organic traffic.

Conversion Rate

Better organic content typically improves the site’s overall conversion rate thus improving ROAS.

Search Quality

Paid search CPC typically fall when landing page content is better optimized to the keyword. Lower CPC improve ROAS.

Organic Traffic

Create robust descriptions and content that helps search engines increase referrals to your site.

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