Amazon is the world’s largest and most competitive e-commerce site. Gaining visibility for any given search on Amazon requires beating the millions of other products that Amazon might list ahead of yours. The product description you write should  be concise, appealing, and informative and use the language that buyers are likely to use when they search.

Here are some specific pointers for developing high-value content that improves your Amazon SEO and hopefully drive more sales on Amazon.


Content that Communicates

Start your e-commerce product description with succinct information about the product. Make the features and benefits easy to read by using bullets to highlight what problem the product solves.  The content should be complete enough that the buyer is left with no questions about the benefit of a purchase. TBe sure you research the intended audience and use the same phraseology that they are likely to use in search for the content.


Follow Amazon’s Lead

Amazon will tell you their definition of good content. If they give you 500 characters you should use as many as possible (without going over). Amazon will guide you to build facets, bullets and load images. Amazon’s content guidelines can be found in the eZdia Marketplace Content Guide.


Craft Enticing Titles Using Your Keywords

The keyword is the strategy behind the content. Keywords are designed to boost the page’s Amazon SEO value and use the phrases that buyers use when searching for your product. Consider using the Google keyword tool to optimize your keywords for Amazon SEO. Don’t forget to incorporate keywords throughout the text for SEO-friendly product descriptions. Remember that Amazon is a transactional site and keywords should focus on non-branded transactional phrases.


Use Images in Your Product Description Design

A picture adds visual interest and gives the most precise understanding of a product. It’s worth it to invest in professional photos that clearly show your product from several angles to provide the buyer a better understanding of what to expect from their purchase. Images reinforce your e-commerce content writing and enhance the look of your page. Follow these tips to improve search rankings for all your Amazon product descriptions.

Make it Unique

If you sell the same product on other marketplaces consider customizing the content for the marketplace. No eCommerce site likes to post duplicative content because it offers no SEO strength. Instead every site wants content that is customized to the site, it’s buyers and its search algorithm’s requirements.


Amazon values what your customers think. Driving up the review count (especially if they are positive reviews) helps improve a product’s Amazon search rankings, but encouraging a customer to review a product requires both effort and art. Effort because asking for a review is often a manual extra effort and art because the trick is to ask for reviews only from your happiest customers. If you can identify repeat customers for example, the chances of getting a good review is higher than a first time customer.