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eCommerce Content as a Strategy

eCommerce content sits at the heart of every eCommerce website’s ability to convince customers to place an order. While many websites simply use manufacturer-supplied content, eZdia helps the most sophisticated eCommerce websites generate profitable scalable eCommerce content strategies.

eZdia develops discoverable eCommerce content designed to attract, engage and convert customers profitably.

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Return on Content Spend

Metrics drive today’s digital marketing world. As an industry we have better measurement and segmentation tools than we’ve ever had before. And yet traditional SEO techniques lack a precise measure of return on investment (ROI) for organic eCommerce content strategies.

Conversion Rate

There is nothing more frustrating than watching a 100 new visitors come to the site only to see just one or two of them place an order. Driving up the eCommerce conversion rate starts with identifying the right keywords but goes well beyond that. In a face-to-face sales situation a good sales rep knows to probe a prospect to identify objections, but in eCommerce the interaction is less personal. Well optimized eCommerce content needs to proactively raise and overcome common buying objections as part of a series of techniques designed to increase the order rate.

Organic Keyword Research

At the heart of every successful organic eCommerce content strategy lies a successful keyword research effort. eCommerce Keyword strategies are tailored to both the sales strategy and the page type. As the graphic below illustrates, a Buyer’s Guide might be optimized for search volume while product detail pages put more emphasis on keyword value.

Page Prioritization for Search

Not all products are equal and prioritizing a eCommerce website for content optimization requires a number of inputs. It’s not as simple as which products generate the most sales today.

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SEO for eCommerce

eZdia has touched and tracked millions of content pages for eCommerce websites and has learned that traditional search engine optimization (SEO) techniques are simply not enough to fuel the results eCommerce websites need. eZdia focuses on revenue instead of rank.

Free SEO Analysis

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An estimate of the portion of eCommerce revenue generated organic search from a defined set of keywords captured through organic search Uses publicly available data only Used to track the commercial effectiveness of eCommerce SEO strategies.


There is only one way to generate more organic revenue and that’s to deliver better content than your competitors. But exactly what that content looks like varies greatly by industry and not all eCommerce content strategies are appropriate for all companies.

Keyword Competitive

Organic search strategies only happen by displacing today’s results. Competitive content is all about which eCommerce website has the best content for a given search query. Beating the competition begins with understanding your content competitors.

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Client Testimonials

"eZdia helps us uncover content problems and quickly optimize it for shopper experience and Search Engines. This is hard to do with our large assortment of products. 5 Stars*****"

Cody Leovic,
Site Analytics & Digital Marketing Lead


"The team at eZdia are great to work with and are a true partner for us. Their focus is on what matters most to me, driving more revenue. Proving the Return on Content Spend of our program has enabled us to continue scaling content for our site as we grow"

Andy Conway
E-Commerce Marketing Director


"I’ve had the pleasure of working with the eZdia team in managing my Walmart account. I am impressed with their quick turnaround time, always delivering on time. They were able to update my listings in less than a week. Additionally, I appreciated their expertise in providing expert guidance to optimize my listings according to Walmart’s algorithms. I know this will lead to increased sales performance. Their customer service response is quick and responsive. Highly recommend."

Gerti Morell
Director of Marketing,

Plymouth Healthcare Products LLC

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