Drive Higher Traffic And Conversions Through Valuable Content On Your Walmart Product Pages.

“eZdia’s content optimization expertise allowed us to deliver robust online content that we would never have been able to create on our own. eZdia’s services helped us fully utilize the power of Salsify and increase our content scores, search results and sales conversion across all of our accounts. We know we have high quality, excellent products – and now our content truly showcases their greatness.”

Ashlee Hunt / Uniball Corporation



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eZdia was co-founded by a former Walmart employee who was the Head of SEO and had overseen the growth of product SKUs from 1 million items to 140 million items today. With over 8 years of experience as a partner and over 3 million Walmart-specific keywords actively being monitored, we offer specific keyword research to make sure that your product is found and stands out from your competitors.

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Content Creation Services

Add A+ Content to Your Walmart Pages

A+ on Walmart gives a unique advantage over the competitors by creating pages that bring more conversions with additional information. Our A+ services include:

Product Comparison Charts
PDF Manuals & Guides
Unique Product Features
Interactive Product Tours

Amazon-A+-Content-Creation-Guidelines-and-Mistakes | eZdia

Create Enhanced Product Descriptions

A unique and original product description is essential to beat out the competition. The descriptions must be well-crafted, engaging and SEO friendly. Each description can target up to 3 important search keywords.

150-250 words (longer the better)
Must be unique and original
Be clear and concise
Be specific and informative
Include keywords

Search Engine Optimization Services

Keyword Research to Improve Conversions

With over 8 years of experience working with Walmart’s internal SEO and content teams.

Over 3 million Walmart ranked keywords actively being monitored.

Keyword research to make sure that your product ranks high and stands out from the competition, leading to higher conversions.

SEO Optimized Product Titles

A unique and descriptive product title helps the search engines identify your products sooner and results in a higher click-through rate (CTR) on the search pages and eventually more visitors to your product pages.

50-75 chars Title case
Include brand name
Include style, pack/count (if applicable)
Do not include variant info.

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A+ Content Publishing to Improve Traffic

A+ content helps to tell a product story, educate your customers so they make an informed buying decision. On Walmart item pages, rich content improves SEO and helps increase conversion by more than five percent. Interactive content includes:

360-degree product views
Videos and PDF user manuals
Product comparison tables
What’s in the box
Source existing rich media assets and publish them on Walmart

Enrichment of Key Features For Better Rankings

3-10 rank-ordered important features
Include benefits and highlight product attributes
One key feature per line
Sentence case, no end punctuation
Put the most important features first
Do not include variant info.

Performance Management

Content Quality Reports

Content Quality Reports

  • Identifies poor titles & descriptions
  • Monitors customer reviews & ratings
  • Category specialists recommendations
  • Send poor content pages for optimization
Keywords Rank Analysis

Keywords Rank Analysis

  • Monitors walmart search ranks
  • Monitors google search ranks
  • Recommends potential keywords
  • Measures share of Voice
Competitor Content Analysis

Competitor Content Analysis

  • Identifies your top competitors
  • Monitors competitors content health
  • Monitors competitors share of keywords
  • Recommends a competitive content strategy

Client Success Stories

Up to 116% Lift in Organic Traffic

Pet Supply Product Pages

eZdia updated the page content for over 100 different products from selected pet supply brands. The titles were optimized, new product descriptions were published and new key features were added. The Walmart category specialists have recorded up to 116% lift in the SEO page views on the updated item pages.

Lift in SEO Pageviews

26% Rise In Weekly Transactions

Optimized Titles & Product Descriptions

eZdia optimized the titles & descriptions for 330+ product pages on Walmart for a Home Furnishing brand. Targeting the right keywords in the content resulted in an 18% lift in the number of keywords ranking on Walmart’s internal search and a 26% increase in orders (more than double the control group of non-optimized pages).

Weekly Order Summary for 335 Item Pages
Ezdia Walmart 26% Rise In Weekly Transactions

After A+ content update, traffic increased by 30%

On the product page of some pet product brands

eZdia updated the product page content for over 100 different product pages from the selected Pet Supplies brand. The title has been optimized, new product descriptions have been released, and new main features have been added. Category experts recorded as much as 116% improvement in SEO views on the updated project page.


Optimized Product Pages on Walmart Consistently Outperforms Non-Enriched Pages by over 20%


Content Enriched For Thousands Of Brands On Walmart.Com


Here’s What Our Customers Are Saying About Us.

“eZdia’s content optimization expertise allowed us to deliver robust online content that we would never have been able to create on our own. eZdia’s services helped us fully utilize the power of Salsify and increase our content scores, search results, and sales conversion across all of our accounts. We know we have high quality, excellent products – and now our content truly showcases their greatness.” 

Ashlee Hunt Uniball Corporation

The team at eZdia did a great job of getting our Walmart listings optimized. We’re already seeing noticeable improvements in conversion rates. The team was professional and timely and we would recommend them to anyone.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with the eZdia team in managing my Walmart account. I am impressed with their quick turnaround time, always delivering on time. They were able to update my listings in less than a week. Additionally, I appreciated their expertise in providing expert guidance to optimize my listings according to Walmart’s algorithms. I know this will lead to increased sales performance. Their customer service response is quick and responsive. Highly recommend.

eZdia was a very professional company. They did high-quality work in a clear timely manner. We utilized their skills to assist us with Amazon and Walmart. We intend to use them again in the near future as the need arises. I would highly recommend


We are very happy to see eZdia’s change in keywords and detailed product descriptions. The number of orders on pages updated with SEO content has grown significantly.

Rifka Thoufeek Triangle Home Fashions, Assortment Specialist

I am extremely happy with the service received from your team. Professional and prompt service. I enjoy working with your technical team. I will use your service again in the next a couple of weeks for my other skus

Jackey Hong MediNinja LLC, Owner