Content ResolutionsA new year has begun, and it’s time for some New Year’s content marketing resolutions. Now is a great time to look back at your content marketing strategy from 2015 and see where you can improve.

Content is central to the success of marketing initiatives of a brand — and thus it can’t be ignored. We’d suggest these content marketing resolutions for 2016:

Post regularly

A key component of any content marketing strategy is to post often. A blog should be updated, at the least, on a weekly basis to give readers something new to look forward to. Being regular with your posts helps build loyalty among your readers, and makes your brand appear reliable to your audience.

Focus on quantity while maintaining quality

Quality is the key for your blog to get noticed and hold readers’ attention. It’s important to post often, but don’t sacrifice quality for the sake of quantity. If your content calendar is not clear, you’re posting at the last minute, or you’re not leaving enough time for your content to be reviewed and edited, it may lead you to sacrifice quality for quantity — which will cost you in the long run.

Maintain a content creation calendar

Content Marketing Trends

Blogs should be engaging, informative and well thought-out. You can’t get a piece of content written and posted in a hurry and expect it to make an impact. Each topic should be carefully researched, especially for SEO value. And for that to happen, you need to maintain a content creation calendar. With some advance planning, you can research, write and edit each post over a period of time instead of rushing to post something shallow and uninformative.

Focus on in-depth posts rich with information and analysis

Your blog posts will be useful only if they provide information and substance. Readers always look for interesting, engaging and trustworthy information. They’re interested in meaningful, insightful analysis. Make sure your posts are long enough to adequately address the topic at hand in an informative way.

Share blog posts via social platforms

You’re missing out if you’re not promoting your blog posts across social channels. By sharing your content on social media, you help more people find your posts and get more of your audience involved in the conversation.


Your content marketing New Year’s resolutions should be in sync with the market’s changing market dynamics and evolving trends. Let 2016 be a special year when your content is read more, spread more, debated more and discussed more to benefit your brand more.

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