Top 5 Interactive Social Media Marketing Tools

Marketers are always exploring new ways to leverage the vast potential of social media. Thanks to the availability of some top social media marketing tools, it’s simpler than ever to do just that.

These tools can help with various facets of your marketing initiatives. With the right tools at your command, your brand will have an even greater reach, and you’ll be able to take your business to a new level.

Let’s take a look at the top five interactive social media marketing tools:

Google Documents

This Google product simplifies corporate communication like never before. Google Docs is an excellent social media marketing tool that doubles as a top-class online programming office suite. Using it, marketers can easily create and alter documents online. It supports many file types, including reports, spreadsheets, presentations, drawings and web forms.


Buffer is an excellent marketing tool combining the best of social media publishing and analytics features. A powerful social media tool, it is designed to automatically send updates to various popular platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+. Its built-in analytics inform you of the most favorable times to publish updates.


Made for brand administration, Hootsuite is popular for its widespread support of social network integrations. Its standout feature is that it gives marketers the ability to monitor multiple social media streams in a single place. It’s perfect for a brand that has a team managing the social accounts and activities. Other noteworthy features include customer service management on Twitter and free reports by email.


Followerwonk is an interactive social media marketing tool for doing follower analysis for Twitter. It’s able to break down your followers into demographics to help you get to know your audience better. It can also tell you when followers are online so you know when and to what degree you should be active on Twitter.


Every marketing professional could use a social media marketing tool designed chiefly for note-taking and archive. Evernote benefits your business with a host of features that will help enrich your social interactions. Gather information of any kind, send emails, store pictures, take notes, keep records and track data with this tool.


Tools to help you market and promote your brand via social networks are plentiful. By choosing interactive and efficient social media marketing tools, you can connect with more prospects and keep your business thriving.

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