Top 5 Digital Marketing Automation Tools to Transform Your Business

Marketing is a key driver of growth for almost every business as it helps promote and advertise the inherent virtues of brand to realize objectives. It’s a way to take the products and services to end users or customers to inform and stir their curiosity.

Consumer behavior however is witnessing a shift in the wake of the advancements of technology more choices and mediums are available than ever before. This is why the task of marketers has become harder than earlier with big cost attached to every mistake made in marketing activities.

This is where automation tools help in the big way. Such tools are basically a software program designed to automate tasks, minimize human errors, manage complexity, measure efforts and optimize variety of marketing functions.

In a sense, such tools help come packed with extensive features and functionalities to help and support marketing teams tackle operations and enhance customer interactions to drive sales and revenues.

Some of top digital marketing automation tools include:


MarketoMarketo is one of leading automation tools with variety of distinct features to help in marketing tasks. It helps in customer engagement marketing and enables sending of messages across channels. Packed with budgeting tools and marketing calendars, it helps in lead generation, search marketing and tracking of visitors to the site. What’s more, it helps businesses a great deal with their campaign management together with letting them measure and optimize ROI.



HubSpotHubSpot is one of most popular marketing automation tools in the market with rich vein of features and capabilities. A comprehensive tool, it helps businesses and brands a variety of ways including through search engine optimization, email marketing, social marketing and blogging etc. It enables marketers in monitoring, tracking, categorizing, organizing and converting leads. It leverages real-time data to bring genuine and context-driven marketing experiences.



PardotPardot is a product from leading CRM platform Salesforce and therefore, it’s no surprise that this automation helps businesses with CRM integration. More so, it fetches real-time sales alerts and helps drive sales through many activities including lead generation. Two of its foremost advantages come from its robust social marketing and fully-featured e-mail marketing to help businesses stay ahead of the curve.



EloquaEloqua packs together a whole array of automation tools to add big value to marketing initiatives of brands of any scale and size. Two of its most sough-after features include campaign management and lead management. In addition, it helps businesses automate content marketing and create and launch campaigns quickly and efficiently. What’s more, its templates to initiate campaigns will match the objectives of brands to let them have an edge.



AdRollAdRoll is one of best marketing automation tools to meet retargeting requirements. Using this too, brands can engage and interact with their target audience on popular platforms to drive sales and revenues. More so, its retargeting capabilities and benefits are available across devices, or they are independent of type of devices.



It’s obvious to see how automation tools are helping brands in their marketing activities and giving them opportunities to widen their horizon and expand beyond potential. It’s high time your business understood the vast significance of such tools and implemented them into business activities to bring home those edge-giving marketing advantages.

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