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Two sides of the same coin, search engine optimization and customer engagement are essential components to a robust eCommerce content strategy. SEO drives users to your site; engaging content fulfills their expectations. At eZdia, we excel at creating the right mix for your brand.

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Product Description Writing  |  Category Description Writing  |  Keyword research services

Product Description Writing

Optimized product descriptions can unlock enormous potential in your eCommerce content strategy, driving targeted traffic to your site and increasing your ROI.

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Category Description Writing

Turn your category pages into your top conversion assets. eZdia incorporates SEO usability, accessibility, and user experience to unlock the power of category pages.

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Buying guides writing

When you're making an important purchase, it's always nice to have help from an expert. By utilizing our lively community of expert writers, your company can be that expert for your customers. Buying guides present detailed, useful information on what options are available when buying a product or service. Our platform can connect you with a crowd of writers who are passionate about the types of products you offer.

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How-to guide

How-to guides help your users gain the knowledge they need to make an informed decision. They establish your company as an industry authority.

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Blog content writing

Though a blog is one of the best ways to bring search engine traffic to your site, maintaining a blog can be difficult. Fortunately, we have a team for that. Through eZdia, you can have access to a community of passionate writers and expert researchers eager to help your company demonstrate its expertise through informed, compelling blog posts.

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SEO article writing

SEO brings consumers to your site, but once they click, how do you keep them from leaving? How do you decrease your bounce rate, as it's called? Without quality content to hold a customer's attention, it's difficult. That's where eZdia comes in. We're connected to a community of writers, editors and keyword researchers ready to roll out content that will attract customers to your site and keep them there.

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Our team of editors come from copywriting and journalism backgrounds and are familiar with different style guides as well as the best way to structure a message that will efficiently attract the reader.

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Keyword research services

Our team of keyword researchers excels at finding out what consumers type into that little search box, and together we can optimize your content so that they're drawn straight to your company's website. When potential customers search for products, meet them there.

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