While SEO is a breeding ground for ideas and results, finding success in your SEO initiatives requires 1 thing.

In many ways, the foundations of SEO today look a lot like they have for the last 5 years or more. Online marketers are in perpetual search for more visibility. Searchers continue to search—counting on and responding to primarily the first 7 organic search results served to them. And the expectations of the C-suite continues to require more stretching… of ideas, budgets, resources and opportunities.


What about the rules and tactics used for optimization? Oh, those have all changed drastically, even in the last 9 months. If you are an avid reader of websites and blogs, you’ll often see the many varying opinions on what’s important in optimization, what’s uncertain and what your next move must be.

While I’m going to offer a long list of many tips to carry with you on your journey to optimize your blog posts and websites, it really boils down to one thing (no, really!)

Commitment to the process.
SEO isn’t a simple task or a one time priority. It’s a journey, an internal process, an integral company priority. Anyone with a hand in your online business needs to have an eye on SEO.

Engine rules and players change, algorithms are updated, priorities swap, initiatives get moved around. If you are committed to the process and constantly thinking about your SEO efforts, the all-to-often algorithm updates won’t become hurdles or penalties for you. They’ll be a source of fuel and fire for your marketing team.




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