SEO Best Practices 2016

We were at the SMX last week, and here are some of our key learnings for SEO side from the conference. Search is evolving very quickly and we all need to keep pace. If a business follows or uses outdated SEO methods and techniques, it faces problems on many fronts, including ranking, traffic and ROI. Its clear that trusting outdated optimization tactics and methods is akin to ‘betting on a limping horse,’ which is sure to backfire. SEO is largely a dynamic industry where changes and updates happen regularly. Your marketing strategy too has to evolve and keep pace. Your business has to keep an eye on those algorithm changes that Google makes on a timely basis.


Your business cannot afford to ignore the changes that the SEO industry goes through. You have to implement all those best industry practices that keep your business relevant, and also on the right side of search engines.

Let us look at some of best practices that may make their presence felt in the SEO industry:

Local SEO to Evolve Further

Local SEO is going to increase in importance this year to benefit businesses at the neighborhood level. Local reviews and mentions are going to gain more weight. Queries based on geographies will be more preferred by search engines.

Social Feeds to Embed in Search Results

With social media usage continuing to grow in scale, search engines have no option but to integrate it into their algorithm. Social feeds have now started to appear in search results, and the trend will intensify in 2016. Brands will see tweets, Facebook posts, and so on getting search preferences based on popularity and quality.

Focus on Responsive Website Design

2015 proved to be a landmark year in the sense that mobile searches overtook those from desktops. The focus is bound to shift towards mobile devices and smartphones. In this changed scenario, businesses have to have responsive websites designed to cater to mobile users. The trend will intensify this year, and we will see more businesses following suit for ranking benefits.

Visual Messages to Gain Prominence

Users in the digital space prefer visual content to text, and search results are aligning more and more with the trend. This means you are likely to gain more ranking benefits when your content is laced with high-quality, information-rich graphics, videos and presentations. So, the more your content engages and informs visually, the more visitors it will gain!

Quality, Not Keywords Matters

Content lacking quality or failing to match the evolving nature of search queries will not get you anywhere in 2016. On the other hand, high-quality content that’s rich in information and highly engaging will be ranked highly. With sophisticated AI and quality updates from search engines in place, keyword stuffing is out.


It’s clear than SEO trends and best practices will continue to change to meet the needs of users’ shifting preferences and tastes. Your business can’t afford not to keep up!


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