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nikon coolpix vs canon powershot

Hybrid digital camera with  5 megapixel resolution range of point and shoot , are becoming popular as a much compact alternative to a DSLR among users seeking good quality. Two very competitive cameras in this slought  are Nikon coolpix vs canon powershot.In this article let us compare nikon coolpix vs canon powershot and find out [...]

nikon coolpix p300-review,Features & Price

Nikon’s P-series is back with its all new nikon coolpix p300 and p500. nikon coolpix p300 is a lot similar to the Canon PowerShot in terms of specifications as well as design.However otherewise there are various differences betweel nikon coolpix and canon powershot. Nikon Coolpix P300 is a compact, wide-angle zoom  camera with 12.2 MP [...]