PubCon 2013 Las Vegas is winding down today.

The multi-day conference included huge keynotes from Jason Calacanis, Matt Cutts, and Scott Stratten, plus 3 full days of killer sessions covering topics from mobile to content strategy to analytics to best hiring practices.

Here are (at least) 5 actionable items from some of our favorite moments at Pubcon, Las Vegas. This isn’t an exhaustive list, by any means. We’ll be churning and mulling the info we gleaned from the many speakers we listened to and sessions we attended for a few more weeks.

1. A keynote by @Unmarketing is a hilariously awesome way to begin day #4 of PubCon. Among the many perfectly delivered punchlines were many golden arrows of information on marketing strategy, technology, social marketing and beyond!

Action: Think & plan before you QR & Social, here’s why:

a. 3.6% of all mobile phone users in North America would actually scan a QR code.

b. QR rule: never include a QR code on media that isn’t easy to scan. Scott gave us hilarious
    examples of QR codes on billboards, emails, instagram and shampoo bottles.

c. We are hurting ourselves by misusing QR codes – makes customers less likely to scan the
    next one.

d. You don’t have to “do” social media, but if you participate, do it right.

       – Social media requires authenticity and immediacy.

2. LinkBuilding

a. Social media will be the future & primary link building channel.

b. via @rjonesx session “Disproportionate raw links to trusted links is the biggest predictor
     for a Penguin penalty” 

c. Paid link building to just to risky to participate in.

Action: Link carefully. And keep track of all links pointed at your site.

3. Mobile

If you don’t have a working mobile strategy, it’s time to get on board. Without an optimized mobile site, you are less likely to be ranked in search results or used by mobile users.

a. 40% of mobile users will move on to another site if your site isn’t mobile friendly.

b. Google expects mobile sites to respond in less than 200ms, hard to do without an
     intentional mobile strategy. If your site is slow to respond, it will rank lower in search results.

c. 6%, 25%, 40% are the percentages of mobile traffic to YouTube for the years of 2011,
2012, 2013 respectively. 

Action: Initiate your mobile strategy 

4. Content is still king. But the kingdom relies on distribution. Is your content portable? Useable, readable, shareable? Will people link to it?

Matt Cutt’s advice on creating site content:

   – Make it catchy.
   – Provide complete data, thoughts, ideas, etc..
   – Be creative.
   – Quality and quantity both matter.

easy, right?

Stop chasing shares and RT’s. Instead, create compelling content that captures your audience’s eye. Good content will create the long term social visibility you are working towards, but it takes consistency, creativity and great writing.

Action: Include a content distribution plan within your content strategy. Get started by checking out our Tips for investing in your content strategy.

5. Google Authorship

Authority and Authorship will continue to play an important role in SEO. Authorship will continue to help Google identify spammers by tying the author’s identity to an authorship profile. We can expect to see the Authorship results tightened by up 15% in the coming months.

Action: If you are creating or publishing content, you should have a Google Authorship profile set up.

6. Gaming is huge, are you playing?

Ok, it’s not really an actionable takeaway — but the metrics carry an incredible story. We know gaming is huge, but do you know how big?
– Grand Theft Auto made $1Billion dollars in first 3 days. This is equivalent to the amount of total revenue for all radio streaming services annually.
– Candy Crush is yielding $1Million dollars of in-app purchases each day.

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