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Press releases can promote your brand and increase your bottom line by being SEO-rich, topical and targeted, aesthetically alluring, and formatted for internal linking and cross linking. At eZdia, our writers produce keyword-rich press releases targeted to specific audiences. This includes extensive audience research to determine main factors in your potential customer's lifestyle. We optimize keyword usage in a manner that feels natural and familiar to the audience. Most importantly, our content creators come up with material that is eye-catching and worth reading. Depending on your digital marketing campaign, we can assist you with optimizing content, amplifying it, increasing its reader appeal, and linking it to drive traffic to your site.

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Features Of eZdia Press Releases

Press releases can help to promote your brand and increase your bottom line, and we've got the workforce to produce them for you.

  • Developed by search engine management specialists familiar with changing trends in SEO and digital marketing
  • Created by highly skilled writers familiar with your industry sector
  • Minimal initial inputs from you and ability to provide ongoing feedback during creation process through our processing system
  • Ability to scale to thousands of articles per month
  • Always unique, to-the-point, and based on your company's marketing goals and bottom line

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Pricing for Press releases

Even in this age of advanced consumer analytics, press releases can to promote your brand and increase your bottom line.

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For a fully customizable order in which we work with you to develop specific requirements for your project, select the Enterprise Option. We work with you to develop a keyword research strategy, brand and voice guidelines, and a fully customizable html and formatting plan. Complete the order form with as much detail as possible, and we'll contact you to get started immediately.