Native ads are a breeding ground for user interaction, response and sharing.

Native Advertising is currently the hot topic in digital advertising. With response rates often performing at more than 25x better than display ads, it’s a smart place to spend your advertising budget. And on average, marketers are doing just that—spending a little more than 60% of their total social ad budgets on Native Advertising.

So, here’s the question, if response rates are outperforming most digital advertising channels, why isn’t every brand participating?

For some brands, the issue is making native advertising work for them. We’ve heard lots of questions from which platform to choose to what are the best ways to optimize and even what’s the best targeting strategy.

Search Insiders Summit is scheduled for this weekend—December 8-11. eZdia co-founder and industry leader Alok Jain will be joining the awesomely experienced Native Advertising Panel (check out the other panel participants here) to discuss “When Search Marketers Go Native”.



For the next 4 days leading up to the panel’s discussion, we’ll be dishing up the latest in Native Advertising. Here’s our schedule:

Thursday December 5

Native advertising landscape. How big is this opportunity, who are the key players, and what does the landscape currently look like?
Read the post here: Native Ads: Land of Opportunity or Risk?

Friday December 6

Creating targeted content. From topic selection to content creation, the performance of your Native Advertising campaigns are dependent on your content. It must be fresh, unique, shareable, relevant, timely and compelling.
Read the post here: Native Ads: Developing Your Content Strategy

Saturday December 7

What does a successful campaign look like? We’ll be featuring measurement strategies: What to measure, which tools are available and where to find in-house resources when needed.
Read the post here: Native Ads: How to measure and analyze a successful campaign

Sunday December 8

Optimization Strategies: How to target by topic/interests/demographics, optimize your strategy, fine tune your content and control costs.
Read the post here: Native Ads: Optimization Strategies

Wednesday December 11

Search Insider Summit native advertising panel wrap-up, plus complete slide presentation will be posted.

Friday December 20

Join Amanda Frazier and Alok Jain, December 20th at 11:00am pacific, for our native ad series finale webinar. We’ll be diving in & answering your questions on:
  • content and topic planning
  • headline and call-to-action testing
  • optimization & measurement

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photo credit “Half an hour of web ads” by dno1967b licensed under CC BY 2.0

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