Major Content Marketing Trends Your Business Can’t Ignore In 2016

Over the years, a drastic change has come in the way people publish or consume content. As more people are reaching the digital space than ever before, the need is growing for more content to care of their consumption need.

Similarly, the arrival of new gadgets and spurt in sources of seeking information has ensured that a growing number of people lack attention span. This leads to the need of redefining your content strategy and going with visual depth to let the message linger on in memory for longer.

Additionally, your content has to abide by those regular updates, guidelines and standards set by major search engines, including Google. Besides, you have to keep a tab on the changing trends taking place in content marketing.

2016 is also going to have its share of trends reaching to content marketing strategy of brands, and your business should not ignore them. They include:

Richness of visuals

Infographics have done amazingly well last year and they are going to do well in coming years as well. The same holds true for photos and illustrations as they provide a visual depth to content and make it more engaging and more consumable.

Personalized content

Personalized content is going to be the in-thing which will surely take your focus of creating more. You have to deliver the right or exact content, no matter which channel is used for engagement and communication. Such content will serve the marketing purpose better than those filled with verbose.

Impact-based tweet rankings

In all probability your tweets are going to get ranked. Based on their impact, they will get ranks and bring benefits to your brand. So, be prepared.

Creation of authentic-looking content or video

Real things engage more users or real-looking content draws more attention than those giving a professional look and feel. This is why more brands should engage this content tactic to boost customer engagement.

Information-centric content

Your content should be one that gives more information to users. If your content is found busy in serving own marketing and advertising purposes rather than giving customers sufficient information to make informed choices, then it’s set for a failure.

Don’t ignore blogging

You’re wrong if you think that blogs don’t work that much. They still do and you shouldn’t stop updating them on regular basis. The more you blog, the better your chances of lead generation becomes.

Insert context in the content

Users of today have evolved and they know what to search and how to. They won’t purely rely on keywords alone to find what they need. This is why your content has to be user-centric rather than aiming for rankings. Make sure to maintain relevancy and quality, and hope long-tail searches to continue playing a stellar role.

Don’t ignore virtues of responsiveness

As mobile searches are already ahead of desktop ones, this is the perfect time to wake up to the reality and see writing on the wall. If your content or any of its constituent lacks responsive features or fails to deliver consistence look-and-feel across devices, you rankings will impact in a big way.


It’s obvious that your content strategy needs to evolve to cater the users and customers of today. If you can’t do that and if you ignore the trends of content, it will harm you in a big way.

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