customer acquisitionMarketing professionals looking to expand or improve their customer acquisition strategies often get caught up in the intricacies of creating the strategy. Many start by researching the best channels to participate in, before defining what needs to be accomplished. When you need to build your client base, defining a basic customer acquisition strategy is the best place to start. 

Attract new customers with 3 simple steps

1) Define the goal and KPIs.

Every department of any company has a unique perspective and expectations for their marketing team. The sales team wants warm leads. The email marketing team wants conversions with email addresses, first and last names. The finance team wants to see cost per lead, cost per acquisition, and ROAS. Before you build a new customer acquisition strategy, determine what the goals are and define the conversion events.

Many online businesses start with a funnel approach. They create a basic strategy that takes a prospect from an unknown online user down the funnel and into the conversion bucket.

Determine what “success” for your business before you begin a promotion.

Is the conversion event defined as:

  • a sign up for a webinar
  • an email subscription
  • purchase
  • click on a paid ad link
  • social media share

Each of these conversion events yield different results for the bottom line of your business. It’s important to define what it takes to acquire a customer, and what conversion event turns a prospect into a customer.

2) Know your offer

Successful lead generation techniques rely on an offer to drive a response from your customers. Insurance companies offer free quotes to those who fill out a lead generation form. Many B2B sales efforts offer free downloadable resources with a simple email submission. eCommerce companies offer coupons and discounts, free shipping or free gifts for timely purchases.

Craft your offer around the goal you have in place.

3) Make it timely

Craft your offer, connecting it with a target audience and the goals of the campaign. Consider ways to encourage or reward immediate actions. Similar to each of the previous examples where the user must submit information or make a purchase to receive the offer, your offer should be relevant and timely enough to compel an action from your prospect.

Ensure your campaign elicits timely responses in order to draw new customers most effectively.


Marketing professionals who know how to get new customers rely on these same simple foundations before lingering on more advanced details. Always start with an end goal in mind. Provide a specific offer that appeals to the target audience. If it sounds simple, you’re right–the best lead generation strategies boil down to these same points, again and again.

Do these three things and you will have an excellent base for your customer acquisition strategy.

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