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Why work for eZdia?

Careers Our strategy concentrates on finding the ‘best fit’ solution for every opportunity within our company and is founded on creating a motivated and diverse workforce.

We focus on putting the right people in the right jobs; ensuring that potential is maximised through the best combination of skills, aspirations and opportunity. The right people

eZdia succeeds because we attract, develop and reward people who have the passion to make a significant contribution to the continued growth of our business. We recognise that our people want to make a difference and provide the culture of accountability, challenge and opportunity for them to make an impact.

One of eZdia’s sustainable competitive advantages is the calibre of its people; the ongoing development they receive and the long-term contribution they make to our continued growth. Global success through local talent

We’re a global organisation that truly values local accountability. Our businesses around the world are given high levels of local autonomy whilst understanding that their combined efforts help eZdia succeed globally. Our people can feel proud of playing an important part in both a local and global success story.

We aim to recruit people locally who can think globally. We hire talented people whose efforts at a local business level contribute to the global growth of our company. We understand that some people aspire to international careers and dependent on business need, opportunities may exist for high-performers to assume challenging roles across our global organisation. Our ‘total employment offering’

eZdia ensures it offers a competitive salary and benefits package across all of our operations. We aim to make our financial offering as attractive, fair and equitable as possible, which enables us to:
  • Attract and retain the highest quality people
  • Motivate and reward high performance
We understand that money isn’t everything. Our ‘total employment offering’ combines the opportunity for exciting development within a globally admired business with the chance to work with great brands, strong leadership and bright, motivated colleagues. At eZdia we offer the full package. Celebrating diversity

eZdia strives to treat all employees and candidates with the same dignity and respect regardless of their gender, age, nationality, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, disability, political stance or religious belief.

We embrace and take full advantage of our diversity. We value individuality and create an inclusive culture where variety is positively encouraged and all employees are genuinely appreciated for what makes them different.

Position Location Experience
Sales/Business Development
India (Noida) 5 - 8 years
Manager Online Sales & Operations
India (Noida) 3 - 6 years
Internet SEO/Marketing Specialist
India (Noida) 3 - 5 years
Marketing Interns
India (Noida) -

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