We’re over-the-moon excited to bring Ingrid Fernandez, a 15-year veteran and Stanford PhD, to the eZdia team. Ingrid has more than 15 years experience working with corporate clients to develop exceptional content in a number of different verticals.

Ingrid is passionate about working with big companies to create great content, while having some fun along the way. Awesomely, Ingrid speaks 3 languages, is passionate about travel, and loves learning new things.

Ingrid is meeting eZdia’s current clients and already providing tremendous value! Her primary role is to understand your content needs and develop a quick and effective strategy to take you into 2014!

To learn more about Ingrid’s take on content, check out the eZdia blog. Ingrid recently wrote informative articles on Lean Content and Emerging Markets.

If you’d like to talk content strategy, click the little button below to contact us. The eZdia mission is to create cost-effective, exceptional content that drives traffic, engagement and boosts your ROI many times over.

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