We all know the maxim by now – content is king. And since Hummingbird’s advent, we all know that smart, human-written content is the king among kings. The importance of an active blog for any business cannot be overstated, but in all the rhetoric surrounding the benefits of a blog, it is a simple and often overlooked fact that keeping a blog updated with fresh and relevant content can be hard work.

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If you’re feeling rudderless or disillusioned, take a look at our five blogging tips to keep your content fresh and relevant in 2014!

1. Assess Your Frequency

There is such a thing as too much blogging. A frequent source of burnout among bloggers is maintaining a ruthless and frankly unrealistic blogging schedule for their niche. While everything runs smoothly for the first week or two – or however long your honeymoon period with your blog lasts – you may soon run short of blogging ideas. Your blog’s readers will see this shine through in your writing, and you run the risk of causing some to disengage entirely!

Space out your content a little more. You will still be able to maintain a solid blogging presence by posting, for example, once or twice a week, without becoming overbearing. This will free up time for you to work on other areas of your blog or the business your blog is attached to.

2. Commenter-driven Content

Your audience is your most valuable resource. When it feels right, include a prompt or question at the end of your blog post, and set up a discussion in the comments. Engage with your audience there, and you will find viewpoints and opinions you might not have considered. Conversations arising from such comments can lead to subjects worthy of blog posts themselves, and you will be sure that the content you write in these will be tailor-made for your audience.

3. Redesign

A simple, elegant design is a timeless thing. However, sometimes a change can be an excellent way to freshen up your blog in its entirety. An alteration in color, or a reorganization of how past entries are displayed are two relatively painless ways you can give your whole blog a new look. Your audience will notice these changes and likewise make a link between a fresh look and fresh content!

4. A new approach to writing quick, quality content

Writing content can be frustratingly time-consuming, and this investment of time can snowball into a reluctance to even begin to write! The following method can be used to write a five hundred word article or blog post in just half an hour:

Using a stopwatch, first time five minutes. Write an outline that is as simple or as detailed as you feel you can come up with. Break up the uniform whiteness of a blank page.

Next, set your timer for ten minutes and just write. Don’t stop to correct typos, don’t stop to wonder if you’ve made the right word choice – these are all questions for the next fifteen minutes. Just write.

With your remaining time, read your piece through once without altering it. On the second read-through, cut out irrelevant content. Chop and change the article around, altering the order of your paragraphs as you need. Lastly, correct all those typos that have been nagging you and give the piece a final shine-up.

Even if what you’ve written ultimately doesn’t find any use, you’ve only spent half an hour on it!

5. When you run out of time or resources … call in support!

Sometimes, it just isn’t practical or feasible to write all of your own blog posts. It’s here that we at eZdia come in. If you need intelligent, human content, we have a variety of writers across a myriad of niches and specialties! Fresh perspectives and hot content will get your audience involved and engaged with your blog, all with minimum fuss on your part!




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