Content Marketing Mistakes To Avoid In 2016

Content marketing has the potential to benefit your business a lot, but only when leveraged properly. It’s a reliable and viable marketing technique to let you target the audience and boost the brand awareness. Besides, it can bring prospects of expanding and base and growing the business.

All these benefits from content marketing however reach to your business only with a strategic planning, dedication and time devotion. Together with showing flexibility, you need to adopt right measures to capitalize on the potential of content marketing.

Not all businesses however go on and gain rich rewards, only few do. Why? Because, their content marketing strategy has some flaws and they continue to go with those errors. You should know those mistakes to stay on course of growth.

Let’s look at some of content marketing mistakes that you should avoid in 2016:

Lack of goals

Lack of goals has been a major mistake on the part of brands that has been stopping them to realizing the full potential of content marketing. With lack of any goal, a wayward strategy is bound to be followed with no clear targets to achieve.

Lack of consistency

More than quality, it’s the inconsistency or lack of consistency that makes your content marketing fail. You can’t expect to go with “stop-start-stop-start…” model and hope to gain.

No focus on quality

A good number of brands don’t give desired level of focus to the quality and thus, suffer. This aspect is something you can’t ignore given how deeply it’s interlinked with a boost in trust, users’ enlightenment, value addition, better traffic, more revenue and so on.

No marketing efforts

Not putting in marketing efforts has been one of major reasons of failure. Creating content is not enough and it has to be marketed through channels in the digital space. You have to devise a social media strategy, leverage email-marketing etc. to reach more customers.

Self-centered approach

A good number of brands could not benefit from content marketing for their self-centered approach. As their entire focus was glued to only discussing about own products and services, rather than solving issues of customers, they could not benefit.

Call-to-action is found missing

Not using ‘call-to-action’ in the content has been a major issue for businesses that failed them in their marketing. Readers won’t turn into customers unless forced to and they need to be induced into some action.

Not publishing enough

One of major content marketing mistakes has been a deliberate lack of materials. It means, brands did not bother to give enough content to merit required mileage from search engines and users.


It’s clear that content marketing is all about being relevant to the users’ need and targeting them with right materials. If you avoid these common mistakes, there is no way you can’t gain from content marketing.

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