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Relax! It’s just a hundred words … or more. So we, Team eZdia, have four tips for you budding copywriters out there.

If you’re playing Scrabble, you’re doing it all wrong.

Yes, we expect your copy to sound like the brand it’s being written for, but for Pete’s sake you shouldn’t be piecing letters and words together until you’ve written the description! “But isn’t that what writing is?” you ask. Maybe. But we think that you’ll be more successful if you think of it as getting thoughts down first. And if you’ve ever caught yourself jotting down words that you’re “going to use later,” reconsider that approach. Your copy can easily become unnatural because you’re not manipulating language for effect; you’re just forcing vocabulary down a paragraph’s throat. After all, content has feelings too.

Nobody will know you wrote it backwards, unless you tell, of course.
You were probably taught that you should always begin writing an essay or article with the introduction and that your different sections should all be about the same length. Lies. When writing for eZdia and our clients, we give you permission to get rid of that mentality. Sometimes you really can’t give all the details until you know that you shot the sheriff but not the deputy. What we’re saying is that sometimes you know how the story, or description, ends before you know how it will begin. That’s okay. Writing is a process of discovery.

Go to time out!
Get comfortable letting other people take a look at your writing in its pristine shape. Yes, it may be uncomfortable or embarrassing, but you’re often your worst critic or biggest fan. Either can lead to counterproductive rewriting. At some point Little Bobby has to sit in the corner and pout until he learns his lesson, and peer review is the best teacher. One more thing . . . Don’t be the person who stands over his friend’s shoulder, warning him about the mistake in the next part. Just let the man read.

Don’t take this personally, but your writing is personal.
Two of your favorite editors at eZdia were having a discussion about the word nowadays. It very well may be an American connotation, but don’t you just get this foreboding that a judgmental comparison of the old and new is coming when you read it? Truth is, unless you’re writing in a voice that was assigned to you, chances are, you sound a lot like yourself on paper. But please, do not sound like the old nostalgic guy. Every time you submit copy to us, think of it as a first date. It’s going to be awkward. However, our editors know that dating involves asking a lot of questions. So don’t hesitate to start the conversation. You can always find us here: eZdia support center.

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