Possess vs. possesses and other tricky verbs

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As a copy editor, I’ve corrected some truly bizarre typos, misspellings and poorly conjugated verbs. I’ve seen “eked” spelled as “eeked,” I’ve seen havoc “reeked” instead of “wreaked,” I’ve come across “uninhibited” islands, and I once encountered a “steak of bad luck.” These amusing slip-ups were usually one-time occurrences. But I’ve seen the verb “to… Read more »

10 tips for great web content writing

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Whether you’re new to writing online content or a seasoned veteran, we all could use some writing advice from time to time. To help you become the superstar content marketer/copywriter/blogger you’ve always dreamed of being, we’ve come up with 10 helpful tips for writing engaging online content. You’re welcome!

The Importance of Fact-Checking

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We all know it’s important to check your facts in journalism. But does fact-checking really matter in content marketing? Does it matter if you’re a copywriter? Yes and yes. Fact-checking is an essential aspect of content creation. In fact, one could say it’s the essential aspect, because neither the best SEO nor the best grammar in the… Read more »