Facts about facebook infographWith more than 1 billion monthly users, Facebook is the place for friends to connect, families to stay-in-touch and the latest product finds and ideas to be shared. Facebook is also the perfect ecosystem for businesses to bring their companies to market; looking for fans, visibility, exposure, and community.

As the functionality that powers the Facebook feed shifts to one that is dependent on engagement, the whispers of a few marketers are starting to be heard. Is Facebook still a good place to be active in? Is my brand relevant? Are my customers there? Do my customers care if my business is there?


Managing an active Facebook page isn’t for those that are short on time or resources. It takes time, it takes an active manager participating daily, it takes fresh ideas and creative content, and so much more!

Facebook is a robust, powerful marketing platform for businesses of all sizes and types. Brands from big corporations with internationally known products to small local businesses to geographically based service based products can leverage Facebook to connect with their current & new customers, share their brand voice and find new fans.

Still wondering if Facebook is for you? Take a look through these Facebook facts—the online community is immense, the volume of engaged users on Facebook is huge and the opportunity for brands to build a community of fans shouldn’t be missed.



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