6 Digital Marketing Trends That Businesses Can’t Ignore In 2016

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There is nothing wrong in the way businesses and brands explore for innovative ways to drive their marketing attempts and gain rewards. 2015 was no different with a variety of hardware and software and trends leveraged by marketers to stay ahead of the curve. With customers’ preferences changing fast coupled with advancements of technologies, it’s… Read more »

Four tips to grow your business with local SEO

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Experts from large Digital Marketing companies often say, “Think Global, Act Local.” There’s a lot of truth to this cliche, especially when it comes to search engines. The web might be global, but its local impact is what drives conversion, traffic and sales. Creating and executing local SEO strategy should top the charts for marketers… Read more »

Are Google Penalties Saving the Web?

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Remember in the old days when the Internet was new? Then the gaming began… In the old days, before Google penalties, a website could use a variety of keywords to drive traffic to a website, and the keywords didn’t have to match the website’s copy. For example, a company selling car parts could use the keywords,… Read more »