How Content Impacts Customer Loyalty

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As we posted recently, I had the opportunity attend IRCE in Chicago, where I had many conversations with both brands and retailers about the challenges of customer loyalty and customer retention. Online shopping has always been good for customers and increasingly difficult for brands. Customers leverage the convenience of the web to research product verticals,… Read more »

How to Use Content to Build Trust With Your Audience

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Your customers are, quite literally, inundated with information constantly. While estimates vary, there are somewhere in the neighborhood of 2 million new blog posts popping up every day. That means your content marketing strategy has to go beyond 500-word posts. Also, your social media posts have to do more than merely promote your products. Today,… Read more »

What Content Strategy To Follow For Getting Organic Traffic?

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The traffic that reaches to your website through natural searches, not through paid advertising, is known as organic traffic. This traffic is important for your website for many reasons, including: It’s the real traffic It’s the relevant traffic It tends to consistent or It’s permanent It brings targeted audience It leads to better conversion rate… Read more »