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The Wild Wild West – An All Too Familiar Story! 


As a follow up from today’s webinar, I’d like to pen down a few thoughts around the importance of the creative brief tool for today’s modern enterprise. For those of you who missed it and want to see how easy it is to configure a brief without too many cycles and resources, reach out to me and I will be able to take you through it.

No denying that creating this piece is usually a herculean task for various reasons. Some factors which we talked about today include the presence of several moving parts including the changing nature of the product and the expectations from the immediate ecosystem of internal and external stakeholders. Continue reading “Use the Power of the Enterprise Content Platform to Simplify Your Brand. Deep Dive Into Creative Briefs and Brand Voice.” »

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content-marketing-real-estateIt’s true that, as the old saying goes, home is where the heart is. This is why buying a home remains one of the cherished goals of many people’s lives. The real estate industry exists to help the public reach that goal.

In the past, people mostly relied on the word of friends, relatives and colleagues to find a realtor or agent. That’s not the case anymore, thanks to the proliferation of information on the web. Buyers and sellers are free now to do more research, explore more sources and browse through more resources to find a reliable realtor.

Buyers and sellers also like to search online for the best real estate deals. In such searches, a blog or website with detailed information about the real estate market and real estate deals is of enormous help. Your real estate marketing strategy should involve interactive and informative content to capitalize on the huge potential of providing such information. Continue reading “Guide to Writing Engaging Content for Real Estate Marketing” »

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Content ResolutionsA new year has begun, and it’s time for some New Year’s content marketing resolutions. Now is a great time to look back at your content marketing strategy from 2015 and see where you can improve.

Content is central to the success of marketing initiatives of a brand — and thus it can’t be ignored. We’d suggest these content marketing resolutions for 2016: Continue reading “New Year’s Resolutions for Content Marketing” »

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Business Blog OptimizationYour business blog is a key tool for encouraging customer engagement and promote your brand. Along with sharing information, a blog is a great way to reach out to your target audience and present industry-specific knowledge.

A regularly updated business blog offers superior SEO value and is more visible to search engines. This leads to readers who are looking for information finding the blog more easily. An optimized business blog brings a variety of benefits.

How to optimize your business blog for readers

It takes time, effort and a systematic approach to optimize a business blog and reach more readers. A blog has to engage, stimulate and inform its target audience to realize its true potential. Be sure to take these steps:

  • Blog regularly; a well-maintained blog holds readers’ interest.
  • Be precise and to-the-point. With so much content online, brevity is a virtue.
  • Keep up with current trends and write on contemporary topics and themes.
  • The moment a new blog is published, link back to it on social platforms like Facebook and Twitter.
  • Use images, videos or audio files whenever they fit in with the written content, as these materials make the blog more engaging for readers. Continue reading “How to Optimize Your Business Blog for Readers and Search Engines” »

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750px-Elongated_circle_2015.svgMarketers know what content means for their businesses. Today every business has an online presence, and they understand how crucial excellent, unique content is for maintaining that presence. Content is king, and will remain so.

Having been in the industry for many years, we understand the various roadblocks that e-commerce companies face in order to fulfill their content needs. As marketers, we know they need a better approach for creating, distributing and understanding the performance of their content, but a lack of standard best practices and technology make it difficult to do so. In 2014 alone, marketers spent over $135 billion creating new digital content, but all of the time, money and resources spent on this content are wasted if it is not optimized and measured.

We have worked hard in 2015 to understand these concerns and bring efficiency to these processes, from creating content to publishing it on the web. Here we will discuss a few concerns faced by e-commerce businesses and our solutions for those concerns. Continue reading “Year in Review: How eZdia Brought Innovation to Content Creation in 2015” »