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750px-Elongated_circle_2015.svgMarketers know what content means for their businesses. Today every business has an online presence, and they understand how crucial excellent, unique content is for maintaining that presence. Content is king, and will remain so.

Having been in the industry for many years, we understand the various roadblocks that e-commerce companies face in order to fulfill their content needs. As marketers, we know they need a better approach for creating, distributing and understanding the performance of their content, but a lack of standard best practices and technology make it difficult to do so. In 2014 alone, marketers spent over $135 billion creating new digital content, but all of the time, money and resources spent on this content are wasted if it is not optimized and measured.

We have worked hard in 2015 to understand these concerns and bring efficiency to these processes, from creating content to publishing it on the web. Here we will discuss a few concerns faced by e-commerce businesses and our solutions for those concerns. Continue reading “Year in Review: How eZdia Brought Innovation to Content Creation in 2015” »

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The Marketplace Content Chasm

Continuing from where I left my last blog, an offshoot of CrewMachine is our newest cataloging solution, Listify. Before I start talking about it, I would like to elaborate on the chasm that exists to manage seller centric content today. Simply because of one reason – marketplace economics are exploding, every seller wants to transact on multiple marketplaces and these trends are largely prevalent in economies like India. Here’s how some marketplace seller statistics look: eBay: 85,000+ Amazon:100K+, Snapdeal:100k+, Shopclues 200k+, Flipkart: 100k+, PayTM: 15K+.

Sellers currently either own their own e-stores or run brick and mortar operations in India. But there is a shift in consumer behavior primarily driven by e and m commerce. Sellers now want to be a part of that big mega movement and be in all these marketplaces at the same time, but there are gaps.

1) There is no easy way for sellers to take all their existing listings to the marketplace easily

a. In house resources are not scalable for the large volumes, so parts of this effort have to be driven by technology.

b. Marketplace centric agencies are not really that common to undertake cataloging projects and they would not be cost effective.

2) There is no easy and speedy way for them to optimize and enrich these listings regularly to ensure the right conversion. Volumes of listings being large, it adds further to the complexity.

3) There is no easy way to publish listings across multiple marketplaces seamlessly.

Enter Listify

This is the core problem we are trying to solve by designing a solution that will help the seller catalogs become better. Listify enables sellers to beautify their product listing. This is for busy sellers, selling several items on multiple marketplaces. And among millions of listings, they want to be found easily! We will help to create that fully ready page with the right number of high resolution images, catchy titles and detailed descriptions in a matter of just a few minutes so they can be found easily. Whether they’re selling 5 products or a 1000, Listify will help them scale better across world’s largest marketplaces including eBay, Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Jabong and more!

How It Works?

Listify offers a mobile platform which the sellers can use to do the following:

1) Onboard to any marketplace in a matter of minutes with complete marketplace support

2) Leverage algorithms for content enrichment of all listings across all marketplaces

3) Leverage a network of experts to make the listing process seamless – seller agent, photographer, designer, writer and data researcher

4) Complete integration with What’s App and other communication apps

Why This Solution is Disruptive!

Because the future of e-Commerce is going to be driven by Marketplaces and by an exponential growth of sellers in them. We’ve already seen the numbers and it’s going to spike year over year. There’s going to be a large spectrum of different types of sellers from ones selling 10 items to ones selling over 100. And all of the content creation process needs to automated to drive the scale. This is where the need for robust software and tools becomes extremely critical and that’s where the maximum opportunities for innovation exist. If you would like to learn about what we are doing with Listify, please connect with us ( and we’ll be happy to show you a demo of the solution.

BTW, this solution has already been validated by a large marketplace and we are working with several of their sellers to beautify their listings. You could be the next marketplace or you could be in the next seller. Talk with us!

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The Need for Specialized Content!

We’re almost at the finish line here with 2015, and as you might have guessed, this blog is our first of the ‘year in review’ series. I would like to pen down some of the greatest milestones the team achieved this year, and talk about the many ways in which we ‘crossed the chasm’ with our platforms, customers, solutions and community. I would like to start with CrewMachine, our content platform which made deeper inroads into every client engagement. We got a lot of validation from both new and existing customers that this tool works to manage content centric needs.

Content solutions has been our mainstay for quite sometime now. We’ve been servicing 7 of the top 10 internet retailers and the business has been growing fairly exponentially each year because the need to manage large scale content has always been one of the biggest burning needs. Over this year, we’ve seen that some of our large customers wanted to be more autonomous to manage different parts of the content lifecycle. They would want to create, enrich and publish content seamlessly from a sophisticated platform that would be run by their distributed teams. All this to bring greater efficiency and scale.

The Need for a Platform to Create Specialized Content

Selling Online on Marketplaces

Content lifecycle would mean ONE platform where they could manage all content and workforce, configure complex workflows depending on content type, brand guidelines and templates, publish all of this to their content management system or to an e-commerce platform, and of course track the progress of this content through a content intelligence system.

CrewMachine became our answer to most of these exposed nerves. Whether you’re an enterprise running large scale content projects in e-commerce or others, whether you’re an agency servicing multiple customers’ projects, Crew Machine is your stop-shop to create and scale specialized content easily and speedily.

Just to go over what CrewMachine is exactly? In simple terms, it is a cloud based content solution designed to create, enrich, manage and publish specialized content at scale. This tool is designed and configured for both large brands and agencies as the one stop-shop for specific content lifecycle management needs.

How CrewMachine Addresses This!

Business people meeting at office

Completely customizable interface for creation of specialized content solutions. For e-Commerce content, we provide complete support to create and enrich catalogs, product /category pages and blogs. Each content type has specific attribute fields, optimization metrics and workflow configurations associated with it along with a provision to publish it directly to any marketplace or content management system.

Complete brand guideline management through creative briefs, negative filters and templates -  All these guidelines would be defined at the set up level and could be associated with specific projects and content types. This is especially beneficial for new writers injected into the system to stay within the bounds of the brand.

Complete workforce and content workflow management – Every piece of content has to go through approval hoops. Different types of content follow different approval flows. CrewMachine helps to configure standard as well as custom workflows and let’s you assign specific flows to different types of content. Most of the content’s journey can also be automated by using these workflows to a large extent. All of the internal and external workforce including writers, SEO experts, editors and QA folks can be managed in the workforce interface. This includes the ability to tag writers based on their expertise and skill level, maintain their ratings and their overall cost etc.

All this is fluff, unless you see the platform in action and understand how it can be customized for your needs. If you would like to take a peek at it, please contact me. You’ll also be seeing a lot of brand traction in the early part of next year. My next blog will be about an offshoot of CrewMachine. How we took CrewMachine to solve a larger problem for marketplace sellers and how that idea is already validated by large marketplaces today. Stay tuned!













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Local SEOThere was a time, not long ago, when consumers visited a site, found a product or chose a service, and bought it without thinking twice. Times have changed. Buyers have options galore, and thus, they take their time before making a final purchasing decision. Simply put, consumers approach the web with a changed worldview and they don’t buy easily.

To understand the current situation better, let’s have a look at some research data: Continue reading “How Reputation Management Impacts Local SEO Strategy” »

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Top 5-Interactive Social Media ToolsMarketers are always exploring new ways to leverage the vast potential of social media. Thanks to the availability of some top social media marketing tools, it’s simpler than ever to do just that.

These tools can help with various facets of your marketing initiatives. With the right tools at your command, your brand will have an even greater reach, and you’ll be able to take your business to a new level. Continue reading “Top 5 Interactive Social Media Marketing Tools” »