Google Changes It’s Game … Again

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Ever feel like you are being led astray by Google? The algorithms that power Google’s search engine change more than 500 times each year. While they are constantly making minor changes (more than 1 per day), occasionally a major/noticeable change rolls through After months of talk about Google authorship including the many opinions on the… Read more »

Doing SEO the Right Way: 1 Tip for Success

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While SEO is a breeding ground for ideas and results, finding success in your SEO initiatives requires 1 thing. In many ways, the foundations of SEO today look a lot like they have for the last 5 years or more. Online marketers are in perpetual search for more visibility. Searchers continue to search—counting on and… Read more »

SEO Link Building Tips

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Having effective and relevant SEO link building tips for your site is essential in today’s Google dominated Internet. The recent crackdown by Google on unnatural links in the past several years has raised the question of whether or not link building is dead for effective SEO strategies. The main reason that people may think this… Read more »

What’s in a Page Title

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An optimized page title is arguably the most powerful and influential SEO element on any website. The web page title is what is normally shown across the top your web browser. It lets your readers know what each of your website’s page is all about. The SEO Page title can also be seen in the… Read more »

How To Optimize Your eCommerce Website

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SEO In Your 2014 Initiatives With the new year just a few weeks away (I know – just breathe!), it’s the perfect time to look through the many changes that have influenced the world of organic search and make a plan for applying those lessons learned in 2014. How can companies of any size, small… Read more »