Year in Review: How eZdia Brought Innovation to Content Creation in 2015

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Marketers know what content means for their businesses. Today every business has an online presence, and they understand how crucial excellent, unique content is for maintaining that presence. Content is king, and will remain so. Having been in the industry for many years, we understand the various roadblocks that e-commerce companies face in order to… Read more »

Deeper Inroads into Solving Real Problems Through Our Cataloging Platform for Marketplaces. 2015 – A Year in Review for eZdia Series.

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The Marketplace Content Chasm Continuing from where I left my last blog, an offshoot of CrewMachine is our newest cataloging solution, Listify. Before I start talking about it, I would like to elaborate on the chasm that exists to manage seller centric content today. Simply because of one reason – marketplace economics are exploding, every… Read more »

With the web, you’re always open this Diwali

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That’s right: Thanks to the Internet, your store can be open 24/7. A large number of e-commerce sites, supported by an ever increasing online customer base and the increased popularity of online shopping in general, have made e-tailing hot like never before. E-tailers can now serve their customers and sell products all day during this… Read more »