How to Identify Content Gaps on SKU Pages

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SKU pages need to do more than merely describe products. Product pages act as your virtual salesperson, highlighting and positioning the most important and intriguing features and benefits. In order to remain as competitive as possible, your product language needs to go beyond marketing copy to increase your conversion rates and decrease abandoned shopping carts…. Read more »

Why E-commerce Content is Still not an Easy Problem to Solve

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Like any business, e-commerce has its share of trials and tribulations, especially when it comes to content. For an online shopper, product descriptions must paint a picture and make up for the inability to touch feel the product – this makes content paramount. Obviously, when it comes to e-commerce, it’s content that impacts sales, drives traffic… Read more »

SEO for Amazon v/s SEO for Google

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Google has long enjoyed a monopoly in the space of search engine rankings, and SEO is as important today as it’s ever been. But, when it comes to eCommerce and online shopping, the search engine has some fierce competition. Do you know its main competitor? Amazon is that competitor! How come? Well, more people (individuals… Read more »

E-commerce Jargons Explained: GMV, NMV, Valuation

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It’s never easy trying to decode what eCommerce professionals mean. Most of us face this problem as the words, terms and jargon they use are typically not what we are used to. So, we’re often left running for a dictionary.   Since eCommerce is still a relatively a new and evolving industry, average users are… Read more »