How to Use Content to Build Trust With Your Audience

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Your customers are, quite literally, inundated with information constantly. While estimates vary, there are somewhere in the neighborhood of 2 million new blog posts popping up every day. That means your content marketing strategy has to go beyond 500-word posts. Also, your social media posts have to do more than merely promote your products. Today,… Read more »

How to Outshine Your Biggest Competitors on eCommerce Marketplaces

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Selling online is a popular way to reach a wide audience of shoppers, whether you offer products that target a specific niche or those that suit the general public at large. Catching a buyer’s attention, however, is a different story, one which requires significant research and knowledge of the best eCommerce marketplaces that suit your selling tactics…. Read more »

How to Complete a Buying Guide Content Gap Analysis

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To be competitive, e-commerce retailers need an understanding of the importance and influence of buying guides. With their potential to improve SEO rankings, increase traffic and create conversions, buying guides are a powerful tool in your marketing strategy. Even if your site already has an extensive knowledge base, there may be opportunities you’ve missed, called… Read more »