In the Crowded World of Marketing Tech, Where Do You Stand?

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There’s a SaaS for That! I am sure you all remember Apple’s trademark – There’s an App for That! I had a similar feeling at MarTech when I was looking through all the software. There were possibly a dozen solutions for any problem you could think of. Whether it’s predictive intelligence/machine learning tools to do… Read more »

Lean Into Content Marketing for Customer Acquisition

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Marketing professionals looking to expand or improve their customer acquisition strategies often get caught up in the intricacies of creating the strategy. Many start by researching the best channels to participate in, before defining what needs to be accomplished. When you need to build your client base, defining a basic customer acquisition strategy is the… Read more »

Ockham’s Razor: How to Stay Away from the Temptation of Heavy Content and Embrace Lean Content

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Ockham’s razor is a term in logic and problem solving with a single objective: succinctness in finding an answer. When applied to content writing, we can translate the principle into the term lean content. If you are a writer, the goal is to be read, correct? Unlike in the 18th century, when poets like Wordsworth… Read more »