How Content Impacts Customer Loyalty

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As we posted recently, I had the opportunity attend IRCE in Chicago, where I had many conversations with both brands and retailers about the challenges of customer loyalty and customer retention. Online shopping has always been good for customers and increasingly difficult for brands. Customers leverage the convenience of the web to research product verticals,… Read more »

Top 5 Product Page KPI’s every E-commerce Seller Should Follow

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Brand managers are painfully aware of how important KPIs for e-commerce businesses are. You’re likely collecting dozens of different measurements and monitoring them carefully from day to day and month to month. How you track those KPI for product pages has a huge impact on revenue. That’s hardly a revelation for anyone involved in e-commerce…. Read more »

5 Surefire Customer Retention Strategies

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In a landmark study, Harvard Business School estimated that returning customers increased revenue from between 25 to 95 percent. Loyalty, while a rare commodity on the internet, still pays. Keeping existing customers will always be cheaper and more profitable than converting new ones. So, when you’re completing your regular analysis of strategies to increase revenue,… Read more »

Important Factors Influencing Purchase in E-commerce

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In e-commerce, there are certain factors from the customer’s point of view which influence their purchasing decision. Here’s a look at thosee concerns that leverage customer buying behavior: 1. Good Product Quality One of the most important factors influencing consumer buying behavior is the quality of the product and the quality of information about that… Read more »