5 Tips for Winning Blog Optimization

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By now, what you’ve read has you convinced that your e-commerce business needs a blog to build relationships with your customers, so you’ve written your first post and added it to the website. And the result is the sound of silence. It doesn’t appear that people are reading the blog at all, so what’s your… Read more »

10 Image Optimization Tips to Increase Conversion on Your Product Pages

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Images are powerful tools for your product pages. As the saying goes, “A picture paints a thousand words.” However, some pictures are stronger than others for converting browsers to buyers. With these 10 tips, improve the image optimization for all your product photos to get the most from them. Go for High-Quality Product Images Your product photos need… Read more »

How to Use Content to Build Trust With Your Audience

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Your customers are, quite literally, inundated with information constantly. While estimates vary, there are somewhere in the neighborhood of 2 million new blog posts popping up every day. That means your content marketing strategy has to go beyond 500-word posts. Also, your social media posts have to do more than merely promote your products. Today,… Read more »

How to Outshine Your Biggest Competitors on eCommerce Marketplaces

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Selling online is a popular way to reach a wide audience of shoppers, whether you offer products that target a specific niche or those that suit the general public at large. Catching a buyer’s attention, however, is a different story, one which requires significant research and knowledge of the best eCommerce marketplaces that suit your selling tactics…. Read more »