How to Complete a Buying Guide Content Gap Analysis

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To be competitive, e-commerce retailers need an understanding of the importance and influence of buying guides. With their potential to improve SEO rankings, increase traffic and create conversions, buying guides are a powerful tool in your marketing strategy. Even if your site already has an extensive knowledge base, there may be opportunities you’ve missed, called… Read more »

How to Identify Content Gaps on SKU Pages

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SKU pages need to do more than merely describe products. Product pages act as your virtual salesperson, highlighting and positioning the most important and intriguing features and benefits. In order to remain as competitive as possible, your product language needs to go beyond marketing copy to increase your conversion rates and decrease abandoned shopping carts…. Read more »

Scaling Integrated Marketing Initiatives for an e-Commerce Enterprise

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e-Commerce and m-Commerce – Growing at the Speed of Light In a previous blog, Padmini talked about some of the challenges marketers face when scaling initiatives at a traditional enterprise. As an extension to that thought, I would like to specifically talk about e-Commerce enterprises, their current challenges and our proposed approach. We’ve been living… Read more »