Research: Reach Emerging Market Segments Before Your Competitors

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Just in the past decade alone, the Hispanic population in the United States grew by 15.2 million. A closer examination of this segment of the population reveals a high use of technological devices for texting, e-mail, but most importantly, shopping. When researchers tracked mobile shopping behavior, the results were unexpected. In comparing Hispanic mobile shoppers… Read more »

Ockham’s Razor: How to Stay Away from the Temptation of Heavy Content and Embrace Lean Content

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Ockham’s razor is a term in logic and problem solving with a single objective: succinctness in finding an answer. When applied to content writing, we can translate the principle into the term lean content. If you are a writer, the goal is to be read, correct? Unlike in the 18th century, when poets like Wordsworth… Read more »

Great Writers Make Great Content

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We’re excited to announce Scott Crayne to the eZdia team. The eZdia team is excited to bring an experienced Sr. Copywriter to its quality assurance team. Scott brings big brand experience (from Gap) as well as an insatiable appetite for copyediting. Whether it’s health, law or a specific eCommerce vertical like apparel, Scott carefully balances… Read more »

Update to Google’s Algorithm, Panda 2.0 is Live

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On May 22nd, Google released a significant Panda update — so-called Panda 2.0. The head of Google’s spam-fighting team, Matt Cutts, discusses some of the objectives behind the update. The update is purportedly affecting about 2.3% of queries. We’ve been monitoring people’s reactions pretty closely. For a really great run-down of the update’s effects, take a look… Read more »